Create Reliable Connections Everytime

In just seconds the Heat Prep™ Cable Heating Tool (CHT) heats dry, brittle, cold or cracked cable, ensuring a solid connection using less force than ever before. The CHT is ideal when working in harsh winter conditions, or with tough, flooded cable types such as direct burial or LMR-style cables.

The #1 coaxial repair issue that technicians face is improper, unreliable connections. This results in repair calls, customer downtime and repeat visits. The revolutionary Heat Prep CHT solves this problem. By adding heat to the cable connection process, Heat Prep’s breakthrough tool helps technicians do their work with less effort and get the job done right – the first time.


Built by Technicians for Technicians

With more than 25 years of experience seeing thousands of improper connections, our team of technicians set to work on a solution. The result: One small tool that has revolutionized the cable connection experience.

The World’s Only Hand-Held Cable Heating Tool

Professionally Engineered and Designed

The idea for the Heat Prep CHT was born of the necessity to make a technician’s life easier. Harsh winter conditions lead to cold hands, cables and tools – and as a consequence – solid, reliable connections become difficult. Adding heat to the cable connection process eliminates this problem.

“The Heat Prep Cable Heating Tool makes my job so much easier, helping me trust the connections I make and saving my hands on cold winter days.”
– Coaxial Cable Technician

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